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Radiator Seal for all engines with cooling systems without filter systems

Sizes : 300 ML

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IQD 11,500


Seals hairline fractures in the radiator, engine block and cylinder head. Leaky hose connections can also be sealed. The cooling circuit and the combustion chamber are protected against leaks thanks to long-lasting sealing against hairline fractures and leaky spots. Radiator Seal prevents the loss of cooling water.

Protects against engine damage

Does not negatively affect materials used in radiator construction : Does not attack rubber or plastic parts



Shake can well before using.

Add contents of can to the warm cooling system. Open heating valves and allow engine to run for at least 10 minutes. Check cooling water level and seal again.

150ml are suffcient for 10 liters of cooling water. Use a mixture ratio of no more than 1:100 for trucks.

Please note: Radiator Seal may not be used if the cooling system features dirt filters.


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