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For cleaning all gasoline and diesel engines.

Size : 400 ml

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Engine Flush & Cleaner cleans the engine and the oil feed system from the inside.

Engines which have been cleaned of dirt can now reach their fullest performance potential with fresh oil.

Quick, yet gentle, cleaning.

Does not attack seals.

Suitable for gasoline and diesel engines.

Optimizes exhaust emissions.

Compatible with catalytic converters.

Loosens stuck piston rings.

Easy to use.



Suitable for all mineral- and synthetic based engine oils.

A 400 mL can is suffcient for up to a 5 L oil fill, 1L is suffcient for 10 – 15 liters of oil.

Add Engine Flush & Cleaner to the oil when the engine is warm.

Run engine idle for about 10 minutes.

Then carry out an oil and filter change.

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