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5LTR Oil (5W20 Fully Synthetic)

Miles Oil 5W20 Fully Synthetic - 5 LTR Package 

Made in Germany 

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MILES 5W-20 Fully Synthetic Oil

Extreme fuel-economy high performance motor oil specially developed for vehicles where an engine oil in accordance to ILSAC GF-4 is specified.

MILES 5W20 is an en gine oil, specially developed for modern gasoline engines. It’s made from selected HC-synthesis base oils.



-Eest fuel economy performance
-Excellent cold start behaviour even under extreme low temperature conditions
-Low oil consumption due to minimum evaporative loss
-Reliable all-season operation due to excellent viscosity-/temperature behaviour
and high shear stability
-High oxidation resistance due to selected HC- synthesis base oils in combination
with extra ordinary additive technology
-Miscible and compatible with conventional, also as synthetic branded engine oils.



MILES 5W20 fulfils the re- quirements of ILSAC GF-4. In accordance to manufacturers filling instructions.

MILES Überlight 5W20 can be used in a large number of European, Asian and
American gasoline engines.

In compliance to EEC regulations the quality of MILES Überlight 5W20 is equivalent according to the following standards / specifications:

ACEA A1/B1; A5/B5

its also recommended when the following filling instructions are required:

Chrysler MS-6395
Ford WSS-M2C925-A/-B/M2C930-A
GM 4718 M/6094 M


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